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About the Farm

What We Do

Rescue animals who are neglected, abused, or abandoned. We provide a warm loving home for the animals to live happily ever after. 

Who We Are

My rescue started 33 years ago with Novell the donkey who was standing on a pasture in Germany in knee-high snow without shelter or food. I felt sorry for him and rescued him. When we moved to America Novell came with us and is still living in the sanctuary. With him came 2 horses from Spain who are now 27 and 25 years old and also living on the farm. We took in some more rescues. One horse that had a stroke, 1 wild boar who lives on the farm for 14 years, some donkeys, and a pony. 

In 2019 I teamed up with the biggest donkey rescue in America. Peaceful Valley donkey rescue. We became an adoption center and the last year we were able to find a new home for 19 of their donkeys. 

Every few months we get new adoptable donkeys and we foster them and find new forever loving homes. 


If you support what we do for these animals everyday and want to help then please consider donating to the farm to be able to take in more rescued animals.

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